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Most plants can be grown to order...

We sow, you grow...

We supply in-house organically grown fruit and vegetable plants in peat free coir pots/plugs, or as bare soil plugs, for you to grow on at home.

Our plants are individually sown and grown in peat-free compost to eliminate the stress that can occur to the roots of the plant during potting-up or transplanting; so you get stronger, healthier plants.

The biodegradable pots are designed to decompose within 3-6 months, feeding the plant and enriching the soil.

All you have to do is decide where you want to grow them on and pop the whole lot in, no fuss, no mess, no waste. And no stress for you or the plant!

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ONLINE SHOP', many of our plants are suitable for container gardening so you are sure to find something for every space.



Great taste, great quality...

Home grown vegetables, allowed to mature naturally on the plant, are packed full of flavour. And with your crop going straight from the plot to the plate - they are nutritionally better for you too; free from pesticides and full of natural goodness.

All year round supplies...

For the price of a small pack of tomatoes you can buy a whole tomato plant and, with a little TLC, enjoy fresh, sweet, off-the-vine tomatoes throughout the summer months and into early/mid autumn.
Good for you, good for the environment...

Spending time outdoors is great for you and growing your own plants will attract and sustain all manner of good and healthy wildlife  - so nature will thank you too. Most of our packaging is recycled, re-used and recyclable - so together we are also doing our bit for the environment.

 A good variety of flowering plants will attract bees, wasps and all manner of invaluable pollinating insects. Increased pollination means better cropping for you and your local area generally. So you get to enjoy a larger harvest. Consider an intoxicating lavender border to invite and encourage bees into your outdoor space..

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All plants are sold separately, so you order as little or as much as you want

Delivery dates can vary due to growing conditions.
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